Listen. Learn. Change.

Our Stance on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our Workplace and Community

As an individual and company, we have no room or tolerance for racism, prejudice or any form of discrimination inside MVP Sports Clubs. Our stated vision is to “Create Healthy Communities that Change Lives” which speaks to our need to treat every team member and member with respect and dignity. Healthy must be much more than just physical health for us to succeed as a business and in life. Below are a few of the upcoming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives you can expect.

Listen, Learn and Change Listening Sessions

We’ll be conducting voluntary Listen, Learn and Change listening sessions. The goal of a listening session is to give our team members the opportunity to share their experiences with diversity, equity and inclusion as MVP team members. We want to hear directly from our team members so we can continue to shape a genuine diversity, equity and inclusion initiative.

It’s our intent to make the sessions as comfortable as possible for all participants. For example, team members will be given a choice of various listening sessions they may attend. The sessions will be facilitated by individuals on the MVP Sports Clubs leadership team with varying ethnicities and backgrounds. There will be sessions offered at every MVP location in both regions.

Information gathered from the listening sessions will be used to dial-in on the type of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training that MVP will implement.

We’re going to administer a survey to all MVP team members to gage interest in participating in the listening sessions. More info to come.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Phase 1 training sessions will include MVP managers and corporate team members. Phase 2 training sessions will include all MVP team members. The focus of the training will be racism, prejudice and bias in the workplace as well as hiring, recruitment and promotion practices.

Continuing Education and Training

MVP’s Leadership Team is going to incorporate a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning component to their quarterly leadership meetings beginning in 2021.

Leadership Enrichment Internship Program

MVP Sports Clubs is rolling out an internship program focused on recruiting diverse candidates from local colleges to learn about the fitness industry and potentially lead to placement within MVP. The internship program will begin in 2022.

Listen, Learn and Change Signage

You’ll see Listen, Learn and Change signage in every MVP Athletic Club in the near future. We want to make it clear that we are committed to fostering a healthy environment based on equality, diversity, compassion and action. Racism and prejudice, of any kind, have no place within our community and will not be tolerated. We will LISTEN, LEARN and CHANGE to take action and make us better. With the steady dedication of building healthy communities that change lives, we WILL treat every Team Member, Coach, Member, Customer and Guest with respect and dignity.