MVP Sports Clubs Receives Corporate Philanthropy Award

November 7, 2019
November 7, 2019 mvpathletic

MVP Sports Clubs Receives Corporate Philanthropy Award

Orlando Business Journal recently named MVP Sports Clubs and RDV Sportsplex as recipients of its annual Corporate Philanthropy Award for community impact in 2018. Karl Droppers, president of MVP Sports Clubs, received the award, representing a cross-section of the local business community that supports charities through corporate-sanctioned giving and volunteer programs.

The Corporate Philanthropy Awards recognized 11 companies and two individuals who have demonstrated personal and professional dedication in the support of social and charitable causes.

MVP Sports Clubs was recognized for its wide range of philanthropic projects, all of which continue to receive ongoing, multilevel support.

Two major fitness-based events were highlighted among MVP’s community endeavors in Central Florida. RDV Movers and Shakers and RDV Jingle Run 5k, collected more than $45,000 for local non-profits last year, addressing the issues of homelessness and education.

Q&A with Karl Droppers

President, MVP Sports Clubs

Why is giving back an important part of your company culture?

– Giving back is the cornerstone of our business and inherent in everything we do. A health and fitness brand designed to enhance the lives of those we serve is what we started. Expanding that mission beyond our buildings into the communities we serve is why we started.

How specifically does philanthropy impact your company’s bottom line?

– Charity matters beyond the work we do to effect social change. Our team members value being part of the bigger picture; helping to make a difference in something that’s greater than themselves. Doing that work matters to us. The projects we’re involved with, whether on a big or small scale, all result in overall increased employee attitude, engagement and ultimately retention, while providing positive brand recognition.

How do you encourage your employees to get involved in giving back?

– We provide diverse opportunities for our team members to engage in service beyond our operations. These initiatives encourage team loyalty, commitment and buy-in to mission and company values while increasing job satisfaction.

Which activity in the last year got the most employee participation and why?

– All our projects continue to receive ongoing multi-level team support. We have been in business 21 years in Orlando and have been involved in a wide range of philanthropic projects. Most recently our RDV Movers and Shakers received large team member support and is one of our most popular events. It couples community giving, with 100% of all money brought in going to help Central Florida’s homeless through the Orlando Union Rescue Mission, and a fun fitness-themed sip and sweat cocktail party.

What steps do you take to determine the causes/charities that are best suited for your company to give to?

– Our team is involved on many levels providing a voice in decision-making about how we move forward, and what initiatives we are involved with. Operating through established business and non-profit partnerships, we leverage social and economic capital to make a greater difference, while maintaining an eye on mission and margin.

What philanthropic/charitable activities do you have planned for the company in the coming year?

– Leadership service projects with Habitat for Humanity and Boys & Girls Clubs, RDV Jingle Run 5K, food drive, fitness-themed charity initiatives, and non-profit partner outreach events, including RDV Movers and Shakers, scheduled for March 5.

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