Rebuilt, Repaired, Restored

December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020 mvpathletic

Rebuilt, Repaired, Restored

Since 1998, our company’s flagship location RDV Sportsplex in Orlando served as Central Florida’s sports and fitness destination housing RDV Sportsplex Athletic Club and RDV Sportsplex Ice Den. In July 2020, RDV Sportsplex suffered catastrophic roof and water damage during a hailstorm that affected the area. The extent of the damage was significant causing the 365,000 square foot building to temporarily close its doors for a complete rebuild.

After five months of rebuilding and repairs, RDV Sportsplex reopened its doors on November 30, 2020. Members and guests were welcomed back to $30 million in renovations including all new equipment, new group fitness studios, new training spaces, major system installations and more!

Today, RDV Sportsplex is one of the most unique and comprehensive multi-purpose health and athletic facilities in the country.

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